Back in Sweden... This month has been busy. Unpacking...Packing..Remodelling... Painting

Thats the way it is to move back after a long time abroad...we have done this several times before...A lot of new things in life. My children are starting a new schools and meeting new friends and, my husband is starting his new work in Oslo ,Norway. Traveling back an forth from Oslo to Gothenburg. We all see this new life as a positive thing. Now we can reconnect with old friends in Oslo.Traveling in Europe is also something we are looking forward to do.

But the most wonderful thing is that now we finally can live on our wonderful Island Öckerö never know for how long...

Last week I visited my husband in his small apartment in Oslo. A cute modern apartment in the center of Oslo.

My daughter an I did a lot of sightseeing in Oslo,an shopping. Oslo has developed to a very interesting city.


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